Training for Paris Brest Paris 2023

The first thing I’ve been doing for training is to tell everyone I know about my plan. I want to build a lot of peer pressure so I feel accountable.

Given how crazy this project is, I am pretty sure nobody would be really sorry if I wouldn’t pull it off. But some people believe in me and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them!

The overall plan is the following:

  • Winter solstice 19-20 Dec 2020 – 150km minimum
  • April – start of Rynkeby cycling season
  • July 2021 – Going from Travem√ľnde to Paris – 1200km in 6 days
  • August 2021 – 300km
  • September 2021 – 400km
  • October 2021 – 600km
  • 2022 – Maybe Ruska. But it’s 2000km, and that’s a lot…
  • 2023 – Super Randonneur series to qualify for PBP
  • August 2023 – Paris Brest Paris

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