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  • 5 best tricks to break the ice and connect with a small audience

    A lot of trainer will say the same, one of the major problem when training adults is to connect with them and make them feel accepted so you can set a safe and efficient learning environment.

    Here are some tricks and tips on how to setup this safe learning environment.

    1 – Be early.

  • New ADM3 FM module

    This summer I finished a partial rewrite of the FM (Fault Management) module of the NetAct OSS ADM3 Troubleshooting class.
    I have been compiling lots of troubleshooting guides and troubleshooting techniques into this course and applied it to all the FM processes of a regional cluster.

    It has now been tried several times and it seems people are liking it.
    If you want to follow this course, contact your local NSN solution manager or go to the academy website if you’re an NSN internal and enroll for the course OS9033 (customers) or OS9034 (internals)

  • My MYERS-BRIGGS Personality type

    Last week we had the trainer assessor workshop and one of our trainer gave a 30 minutes training about the Myers-Briggs personality test. This test is measuring preferences and helps to find out a little bit more about oneself. Some of the sentences in the result sound a bit like astrology so I am very cautious with this and of course I only take the best…

    The Inspirer

  • Bloom’s taxonomy, action verbs for objectives setting

    Bloom is categorizing action verbs in 6 groups:

    Knowledge: acquire, attend, choose, collect, complete, copy, define, describe, detect, differentiate, distinguish, duplicate, find, identify, imitate, indicate, isolate, label, list, mark, match, name, order, outline, place, recall, recognize, reproduce, select, state, underline

  • Trainer Assessor

    Today I got an interesting call from my boss. I am going to become an assessor for other trainers at Nokia Siemens Networks. This means that I will have to assess the training capabilities of my peers.
    Since I have been a respectable trainer for the past 5 years I have indeed accumulated a good experience.
    I feel very proud that my efforts are rewarded with this opportunity.