My rugby career

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I have started to play rugby in France in 2002 at my engineering school (ECE Paris). My school team was called "XV du Camion". I played only one short season, 2002-2003.

Then I played for 4 years at ESNanterre in the suburb of Paris. I was a 2nd row and a prop.

How to remove a Compeed from a sock

Reading Time: < 1 minute Compeeds have saved my life numerous times already. Some people can’t stand them, I am a strong believer and I cannot go running, play rugby, or go for a long hike without having one in my pocket.

They are so good that you can actually recover almost instantly from a blister. If there is blister forming under your foot, that’s where Compeed is the best, when the blister is not there yet but you know that if you go on for another 10 minutes it will turn into a blister.

National team caps

Reading Time: < 1 minute Friendly
Estonia – Finland: 22/05/2010 – Win 15-22

European cup division 3C
Finland – Israel: 12/06/2010 – Loss 6-13

European cup division 2D
Cyprus – Finland 26/03/2011 – Loss 70-10

Running my first half-marathon

Reading Time: 2 minutes I spent Jun-Dec 2010 in Dallas, Texas and for Thanksgiving I decided to enroll to the Turkey trot with my wife and my good buddy Jim.
It was a 5Km small race and it gave me the virus of running.
I completed it in 29min which is not too bad.


The atmospher was great, lot’s of people cheering, everyone happy, I loved it.
I thought I should get to a longer distance in order to enjoy the same feeling for a longer period. How about a 10K? Let’s make it 21K… Half Marathon.