Plastic bags ban

 Today I sent this message to Sprouts.


About Plastic bags, 
Hi, I am one of your faithful customer and I really enjoy what you are doing. I am French, my wife is from Finland and we like what you do because we don’t find many shop with the same philosophy back in Finland. 
However there is something really upsetting with Texas. The millions of plastic bags used every day by shoppers are just killing us. Finland just doesn’t use them anymore. Most European country are banishing them. China, YES, China has forbidden plastic bags in Beijing, Shanghai and many other big cities. And it was really a bad surprise for us to come to Texas and see how people don’t care about that problem.
We think it should come from shops like you. Your customer base is not the Walmart customer base and I believe your customers are smart enough to understand that plastic bags are dangerous for our planet.
I EXPECT shops like Sprouts to be leading the fight against plastic bags.
Don’t tell me about your recycling program, this is not acceptable. 
Send a strong signal and ban plastic bags for good. People all around the world are doing it, even the Chinese, don’t tell me Americans can’t do it.
If you guys really want to LEAD the climate change fight, you have to take real decision. For now, you are way behind, whatever Obama says.
If you decide to ban plastic bags, I’ll think twice before going to Central Market because I like better this and that product. I’ll come to support your shop because you don’t waste plastic bags.


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