Nexus one power button not working

My Nexus one has been a good friend for the past year but now I am running into problems with the power button.
I had 2 options:
– open heart surgery, order the replacement unit and change it myself.
– flash the phone in order to remap the power button to the trackball.

I chose the second option as it was available to me right now.
I followed this guide:
Extremely well done and well documented. there are still a couple of step which are not so obvious and could more explained. but all in all, it’s a success.

On top of solving my problem, I now have access to many other advanced features. The memory free is a lot bigger and I can put much more apps.

All my apps came back thanks to ASTRO file manager. Awesome application that does a very good job.
All my texts came back thanks to "SMS backup and restore".
All my call history came back thanks to "Call logs backup and restore".

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