New ADM3 FM module

This summer I finished a partial rewrite of the FM (Fault Management) module of the NetAct OSS ADM3 Troubleshooting class.
I have been compiling lots of troubleshooting guides and troubleshooting techniques into this course and applied it to all the FM processes of a regional cluster.

It has now been tried several times and it seems people are liking it.
If you want to follow this course, contact your local NSN solution manager or go to the academy website if you’re an NSN internal and enroll for the course OS9033 (customers) or OS9034 (internals)

Objectives of the FM module: 

  • Describe the major Alarm Handling steps throughout NetAct
  • List the most commonly used protocols and their matching network elements and versions
  • Find and apply procedures on how to turn on the trace mode for mediation and adaptation processes in OSSCORE, OSSCORE2 and MVI
  • Find and apply procedures on how to turn on the trace mode for NWW FM processes
  • Perform simple SQL queries on the FX_ALARM table and find statistics about alarms using the Alarm history
  • Identify bottlenecks and problematic network elements using the system self monitoring or FM reports.
  • Use the clean-up processes related to FM data.
  • Configure and perform troubleshooting of FM processes for exporting alarms.

Outline of the FM module:

  • Fault Management Overview
  • Alarm Collection
  • Alarm Processing
  • Storage
  • Alarm Forwarding

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