Netact OSS System Administration licence test

Last week I passed the Netact OSS 5.x system administration licence test. This test is a bit like some kind of certification.
We were 4 trainers in the room. Everybody failed except me.
Out of 50 questions, we were supposed to get a minimum of 37 correct answers. I gave 38 correct answers. There is still room for improvment but it’s good enough to be certified. This test is rather difficult. A good understanding of the product Netact OSS is needed. Some years of experience also helps a lot. Some support engineers claim that you are supposed to pass the test after 6 years of experience. I have a tendancy to think that’s a bit too much and some people would probably get it faster.
I think today I am officially the only NetAct OSS trainer in the world that has this qualification.


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