Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is a multi-faith praying temple. It is also known as the Bahá’í House of Worship. Apparently these Bahá’í Houses are sharing some characteristics. They should be roughly rounded and have 9 sides. I looked a bit inside and it was obvious that everything was build around the number 9.

Anyone is welcome to enter the Lotus temple and stay as long as they want. You are welcome to pray for whoever you want and speak to whatever god you want and for as long as you want.

During my time inside I just talked to myself and I observed how geometrically perfect the structure was. There was just one thing I couldn’t really understand and it was some sort of drawing on the roof top. I can’t tell if it was arabic or something else.


When getting closer to the Temple everybody is required to take off the shoes. A guy is distributing bags. You take your shoes off, go down the little staircase and give them to some other guys through a little window in exchange of a token.


There are many kids! 


It is really difficult to ignore the ressemblance with the Sydney Opera House.


Time to go!

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