Intercontinental Tahiti

Intercontinental Tahiti:
Everything is awesome in this hotel. The rooms are exceptional. The food is fantastic. The view is breathtaking. The amenities are incredible. The staff is outstanding. The only small disappointment was the way they treated us as PriorityClub Platinum members. But I will get to this later.
The highlight of our stay was when I decided to propose to my girlfriend… The place was so magical I couldn’t resist it.
We took to nights in a bungalow over the lagoon and we were blown away. The qualiy of the room itself was remarkable. We didn’t feel at all like un a motorhome seating on top of pilars stuck in the middle of the ocean. It felt like a proper house well build. The room featured a really big bed and a nice bathroom with a jacuzzi bathtub. But who needs a jacuzzi when you can literaly dive from your window into the ocean. That’s right every bungalow has a large terrasse, and a small pier that you can use to dive in the water. Of course there are tons of fish right under the bungalow, lots of corals, and a reef very near where we could spot some fisherman every now and then. Behind them we could see the sun setting on Moo’rea, the closest island from Tahiti.
Inside the room was a couch and a TV but who needs that seriously…
We managed to get to the hotel on a Saturday night so we could enjoy the Bounty night. This special show features professional Tahitian dancers performing in from of the guests. The food was simple but exquisite: grilled lobsters bonanza. The breakfast was out of this world with a huge range of local fruits each of them tasting like they should be. After eating real pineapple in Tahiti, I feel like they are only sending us the bad ones in Europe… But that is a comment which is not specific to this hotel. The food in Tahiti is just really fantastic. We also tried the other restaurant of the hotel ("Lotus") which was highly rated and we didn’t regreat it. It was a truly amazing experience. The menu is inspired from L’Auberge d’Ill in France, another international acclaimed 3 star restaurant. Once more place to get something down your throat in this hotel is the Tiki bar. We had to drink a coconut cocktail IN the coconut… 
There are 3 swimming pools, one of them actually being a lagoonarium. Yes that’s right, the hotel has an artificial lagoon with hundreds of fish in it. The highlight of the day being when the guy with the yellow swimming suit comes to give them food. that a perfect occasion to see all the little ones which are hidding. The 2 other swimming pools are also gorgeous. The hotel also has a water sport center where they rent or lend some kayaks and other scuba and snorkeling equipment. If you are a platinum PC member I think you get some free stuffs. They seemed to be organising a lot of activities for kids there as well. 
The hotel also features a nice little jewelry shop where we bought our engagement ring 🙂
We found the staff members extremely nice and friendly. The greatest thing being the cleaning ladies. They were not dressed up like classic cleaning ladies but more like normal Tahitian people. Every morning she knocked on the door and said "Kia Ora" with a nice voice… it felt like being woken up by an angel. Awesome.
We’ve been thinking about booking a nice room for some time at  this hotel and we were hoping that the Platinum membership at priority club would give us some nice stuffs. We were expecting to book the highest level of room in the building in order to get upgraded to a bungalow over the lagoon. But they wouldn’t do that. I understand that these bungalow probably sells very well and they don’t need to do this kind of operation to be sold out. Later during the year I realized that I missed out on a big opportunity. I had been a platinum member for 2 years straight and I decided to become an ambassador on the Intercontinental program. Right after signing up, I became a Royal Ambassador. That means automatic double upgrade guaranteed, free beverages from  the minibar and a whole lot more small advantages like free internet, club lounge access in some hotels, free fruits on arrival, early checkin and late checkout and so on.
I think we would have been treated differently with the Royal Ambassador membership… Next time maybe.

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