How to remove a Compeed from a sock

Compeeds have saved my life numerous times already. Some people can’t stand them, I am a strong believer and I cannot go running, play rugby, or go for a long hike without having one in my pocket.

They are so good that you can actually recover almost instantly from a blister. If there is blister forming under your foot, that’s where Compeed is the best, when the blister is not there yet but you know that if you go on for another 10 minutes it will turn into a blister.
However there is one problem that everybody is facing with Compeeds. When they start melting on a sock it’s forever. I’ve had this problem going on and on for some time with many of my socks.
Some of them still have the sticky part at the end of it, some other on the heel…
Usually I try to wash them over and over hoping that it would go away and it usually does after a few washes.
Today I tried something new. I tried White Spirit and a metal brush.
It worked like a charm in less than 10 seconds.
All I had to do was to put a little bit of White Spirit on the sock, brush a little bit with the metal brush and it was gone.
Then I paid attention to wash my hands thoroughly and to rinse the socks a lot. They are now hanging in the bathroom. Let’s see tomorrow morning how they feel!

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  1. Spray WD-40 on plaster leave to soften then scrap off and wash it worked a treat for me.

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