How to connect to someone out of your network on Linkedin

These days I am looking for a web developer in Lithuania. It is not very easy because it’s a small country… but on Linkedin you can find quite many profiles.

The problem is, sometimes you can’t connect to these people because they are too far out of your network.

Usually you would get the first name of the person and some skills in his profile.

So I simply search in google with the first name of the guy, and some of the skills I can find in his profile. Google will give me a list of profiles of people with the right first name and certainely some people with different last names.

All I have to do is click on each link to find out the one I was looking at before.

But now, because I know the direct link to their profile, Linkedin doesn’t hide the last name anymore, and on top of that it lets me click on Connect. So I can simply say “we’ve done business together” and add something in my request to make sure I will get an answer.

So far: 100% feedback 🙂

And no need to pay for a premium account at Linkedin. 

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