Going cycling for a long ride

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A while back I’ve shared my list for getting ready to cycle long-distance on the Facebook group called Solitary Cycling.

The comments were a mixed bag. From people who enjoyed my list and thanked me, to people who had no idea what long-distance cycling meant and thought I should “just ride” and improvise if something happens.

The reason I made this list is because I don’t want to improvise. When I go for a ride, I don’t have the luxury to be stuck in some place for hours. I have a family and some responsibilities and I need to get back home, more or less within the time I allotted.

So here is the list:

  • Charge Di2
  • Charge front light
  • Charge rear light
  • Charge HR monitor
  • Charge bike computer
  • Charge phone
  • Put some oil on the chain
  • Check tires and tire pressure
  • Check brake pads – change them if necessary
  • Check saddle bag content
    • 2 x CO2
    • 2 x spare tubes
    • 2 x tire levers
    • Credit card
    • Cash
    • 4 x gels
    • 2 x energy bars
    • 2 x electrolyte
    • 4 x zip ties
    • First aid kit
    • Park took Multitool
  • Fill up water bottles with isotonic and hypotonic
  • Build the route on Komoot
  • Upload the route on the bike computer
  • Dress up
    • Butter up with Chamois cream
    • Bib
    • Jersey
    • Wind fleece
    • Rain fleece
    • Boots covers (optional)
    • Gloves
    • Helmet
    • Beanie if it’s cold
    • Glasses
    • Check that cleats are tight
    • Boots

By Marc Olivier Meunier

Marc has spent the past 7 years putting oil on the fire of a hyper growth ad tech company. At he was in charge of scaling the support and its culture. He leads by example and puts a lot of emphasis on diversity and inclusion, constantly working to create a safe environment. A warm leader with a passion for memorable experiences and innovation.
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