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  • Preparing for Race Across France 500

    Preparing for Race Across France 500

    I’m preparing for my ultimate goal of completing Paris-Brest-Paris 2023. But I don’t want to just get there and wing it. 2022 will be another training season for PBP. I will need to complete a least one BRM which can be either one of the following 200km 300km 400km 600km 1000km I will most likely […]

  • Preparing for a 600km ride

    Preparing for a 600km ride

    The 600km ride we are preparing goes from Helsinki to Yyteri and back. It’s called Helsinki-Satakunta-Helsinki. Or #HSH600 on Twitter. The elevation is not bad, actually it’s fairly flat over 60% of the ride. Just really hoping for good weather and not too much wind. The bicycle I am definitely going to ride with my […]

  • Power and HR

    Power and HR

    When preparing for a long ride like Paris-Brest-Paris, I need to make sure I can cover a lot of ground as fast as possible and with the lowest heart rate possible. The whole game is to be in a functioning mode where you burn energy that you consume and you don’t start digging into your […]

  • My new ride – Cervélo C3

    My new ride – Cervélo C3

    This is my new Cervélo C3. I say new because I just got it, but it’s a second hand bike. I’ve never, and probably will never buy a brand new bicycle. I’m very happy with the idea of giving a second life to a bicycle. Equipment on board So it’s a Cervélo C3 with Ultegra […]

  • 300Km Ride report

    300Km Ride report

    This is a ride report for a 300km Brevet. This Saturday 8th May 2021, I did my longest ride to date. 318km Oh wow, what a ride… Lessons learnt: Be more aware of calorie counts. I’ve burnt about 9000 kcal during that day. And that means eating a lot! I did eat more regularly than […]

  • Long ride equipment

    Long ride equipment

    Comfortable or Fast? I’ve been riding long distance with the wrong bike for too long. My ride is a BMC Team Machine Ultegra Di2 with Dura Ace C24 wheels. It’s a race bike. It’s aggressive. You push the pedals and it wants one thing: going fast. The problem with a race bike is comfort. Full […]

  • Espoo 200KM Ride report

    Espoo 200KM Ride report

    Temperature was cold. Very cold. We got snow for the first 80km. Then some clearer sky. Then rain for the last 50km Some lessons learnt: Mud guards are necessary. Nicer for other riders. But also prevents my back being full of mud. I was keeping some of my food (gels) in the back pocket of […]

  • Going cycling for a long ride

    Going cycling for a long ride

    A while back I’ve shared my list for getting ready to cycle long-distance on the Facebook group called Solitary Cycling. The comments were a mixed bag. From people who enjoyed my list and thanked me, to people who had no idea what long-distance cycling meant and thought I should “just ride” and improvise if something […]

  • Training for Paris Brest Paris 2023

    Training for Paris Brest Paris 2023

    The first thing I’ve been doing for training is to tell everyone I know about my plan. I want to build a lot of peer pressure so I feel accountable. Given how crazy this project is, I am pretty sure nobody would be really sorry if I wouldn’t pull it off. But some people believe […]

  • Rynkeby, here I come

    Rynkeby, here I come

    In August during a ride, my buddy Karl told me there is this bicycle team that orders a lot of bicycles, and joining them would be a guaranteed way to get a nice bike for cheap. I was not really excited because the team orders Bianchi bikes and they are not my favorites. Not sure […]